Softball 2005


A great day was had by all on Saturday, June 11th at the Tammy Rubin Rice Celebrity Softball game to benefit the Shorefront Friends for Hospice. In attendance were many stars from your favorite CBS & ABC soaps. Mark Collier was the team captain for CBS and Kamar de los Reyes (Antonio - OLTL) was the team captain for ABC. Kathy Brier (Marcy) and Rene Goldsberry (Evangeline) from OLTL sang the National Anthem beautifully to kick off the game.

Despite the valiant efforts by the CBS crew, ABC prevailed for the second year in a row. The final score was 15 to 13. Mark Collier and Jesse Soffer (Will) from ATWT did an outstanding job, along with the rest of the players. For ATWT fans, the young actress in the University of Pennsylvania hat will be playing the role of Henry's sister, Mia.

I hope you enjoy all of my photos. Please don't post them on your web site, but you are welcome to use them for your banners and other personal collection. You will see that I have titled all of the photos by the name of the actor's character on their respective soap, with the exclusion of Mark Collier, because, let's face it, you all know who Mark Collier is!